targeted ads

Targeted Advertising is for the medium & small businesses. This helps in reaching the prospective clients only. The difference between mass messaging & targeted advertising is that, in mass messaging sms is shooted to all the people irrespective of the person who is holding the number, whereas in targeted advertising, sms is sent only to a group of people or a community of people who can be the prospective clients of the sender.

This kind of advertising can be differentiated into many ways like geographical, education wise etc. For example, an institute wants to target only graduates then the sms will be sent according to age factor of the graduates.

In this kind of marketing, the database is not shared though the reports are provided along with the responses. There are two kinds of targeted marketing:

  • Cost based on number of sms sent.
  • Cost based of number of replies.

1. In Ist method i.e cost based on number of sms sent, the user will be charged according to the number of sms sent to the people. It does not includes any commitment of number of replies or leads generated. The reports will be provided to the user but the database will not be shared. 

2. In IInd method i.e. cost will be based on number of replies i.e no. of leads generated. In this method, the user will be provided with the leads & will be charged accordingly. The number of sms sent & reports will not be shared in this case, but only the leads will be forwarded.


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